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Serving IT with a Michelin star

When someone asks me what I do, I simply say that I work for an automation company. As this isn’t really a satisfactory answer, I often come up with the example of a large electronics company where you order something before 24:00, and its delivered the next day. Everyone understands that this is an automated process. Which is indeed the case. And that is what we do…

I am happy to be able to play an advisory role. I love explaining something difficult to someone who has no idea at first and who, after my explanation, understands it completely. I come from the ICT distribution sector and I worked in e-business, building webshops and such. That’s how I first came into contact with Onetrail, more than ten years ago. Onetrail solved things for my customers. At that time, the data came from various suppliers in different ways, Excel sheets, PowerPoint files or in any number of ways. And it all had to be entered in our systems. Nowadays, master data has developed so much further. The technology has undergone an enormous evolution. I was at the heart of this and proud to have contributed to that great development. That is why I find this so interesting.

“I know everything is fine, because I’ve made sure that what comes out of the kitchen is of the highest quality.”


In 2012 I moved to Aruba for a nice long sabbatical, I thought. The sabbatical only lasted a month. Due to my interest in catering, I went to work as a hostess at a restaurant and then as a waitress and later as a supervising manager. After that, I started working at the Marriott Hotel as an F&B manager and eventually set up a restaurant. At that time, I didn’t think for a moment about EDI or master data management or any other IT oriented service. I think the hotel and catering industry is a great sector to work in. Turning fantastic ingredients into tasty dishes and giving people an unforgettable evening is priceless. Making sure that everything is in tip-top condition, the menu is good, everything is clean, food and drinks are perfect. Guests have a superb evening because everything is running smoothly. And I know everything is fine, because I’ve made sure that what is prepared in the kitchen is of the highest quality.

I’m just as proud of the work we do at Onetrail. I know why our customers value us so much. We ensure that they can serve their customers as a matter of course. I have a keen interest in the whole process of achieving a great result and serving our customers. That’s where my passion lies. After all, I know what is done in the kitchen at Onetrail….

Tamara Berkers
Commercial Director

Tamara Berkers
Managing Director
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