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I always go for newer and better

As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Onetrail, I focus on engineering. That is where my interest lies. In practice, this means that I make sure that the development team functions properly, that we tackle problems with regard to content, coordinate internally and find solutions for the customer. On the other hand, my work consists of filling in pieces of architecture. When we need something new, I go looking for available software that we can bring in house to deliver new functionality.
Some customers know exactly what they want, others say what they roughly want. That is why we draw up a document for all our customers stating what we think they want. Once that is clear, we start designing. I’ve been doing this for many years now and it’s always different and new. And always fun!

“The route is just as important as the goal. Which is also the case in my work!”


Alongside work, I love sports, things like cycling and running. Being busy and looking for challenges really suits me. Nowadays I cycle a lot with my e-bike; planning routes through the countryside, preferably away from motorways. It’s great to have a goal. It’s much better than just a quick spin from home. Choosing the route, having a destination, bike on the car and back. The route is just as important as the goal. Which is also the case in my work!

The purpose of sports is performance. Doing those 5 km faster each time. I also notice that I don’t like to walk the same route every time. The process is the most interesting aspect. The combination of pushing the envelope, reflecting, clearing one’s head and working hard. Meanwhile, my interest in technology requires me to measure my heart rate and step rates and later at home see where the fastest kilometre was using a graph. Here, too, sports are very similar to my work. At Onetrail we also plan the route, and then we renew it in order to achieve the best possible result. By constantly looking for variation, we ensure that it remains fun and interesting and we challenge and improve ourselves. Seeking out opportunities to shift into a higher gear towards newer and better. That’s what I’m aiming for. Especially when it comes to new, better IT solutions from Onetrail.

Cor Zijlstra
Chief Technology Officer

Cor Zijlstra
CTO & Product Manager