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Data logistics according to Onetrail

To enable the smart use of data, large quantities of ‘raw’ data from various sources must be securely connected, normalised, linked and made accessible. Converting this raw data into relevant and actionable data is what we call data logistics at Onetrail.

What is the biggest challenge in data logistics?

The amount of data and the speed with which data is growing, is becoming increasingly determinative for the extent to which the customer can be put and the centre and hence the success of companies.

Data is increasingly being retrieved real-time at the source, making the data chain increasingly sensitive. This also increases the complexity of data logistics and it is becoming more and more a task for specialists.

There is a growing number of companies that realise that the proper organisation and daily control of their data logistics is crucial for their success. Therefore, they enter into a partnership with a specialist in data logistics, such as Onetrail.

Which trends are at the basis of data logistics?

We have a connected economy with data as raw material. Digital is increasingly becoming the norm in which organisations place the customer more and more at the centre and use technology to achieve the ultimate customer focus. An important consequence of this development is that companies are increasingly connected to each other and are therefore dependent on each other’s processes and data.

The error-free exchange of data between companies is therefore a subject that cannot be ignored. To ensure continuity, scalability and reliability of processes, companies must get a grip on their data logistics, otherwise they will lose their relevance in the chain.

What is the future of data logistics?

A growing number of companies realise that the right layout, availability and daily control of data is crucial for their success. How do I keep adding value in the new digital world and how can I continue to carry out my processes as well as possible?

For trading parties, suppliers and retailers, these questions are closely linked to the usability, correctness and topicality of the data in their systems. This data must increasingly be available digitally at any time, not only for their own processes, but also for suppliers and, above all, for their customers.

Extensive availability of data is no longer a unique added value, but a necessity for the existence of every company. In this way, in addition to the physical trade chain, a data logistic network of online connections is created in which the mutual dependencies are becoming ever greater. More and more business processes will become dependent on good and reliable data logistics in the future.

What makes data logistics of Onetrail unique?

Onetrail is the only trading partner in the market where every company can connect its data logistics in the form of product and order data to all its partners, such as an advanced EDI system would do.

Onetrail does not stop at EDI but also resolves the differences in syntax and content. Normally, such a solution would be far out of reach for many parties, but Onetrail makes it accessible, easy and cost-effective for everyone through a user-friendly, stable and easily accessible online portal. More than a thousand parties are connected to the Onetrail Trading Partner Network.

Onetrail specialist in data logistics

Onetrail is the specialist in data-logistical challenges. We develop solutions that meet the latest technical requirements and help organisations with their data-logistic change.

Our way of working is pragmatic and realistic and is done in close cooperation with our customers. We take the responsibility for the key processes of our customers very seriously and put continuity and stability of the network and our customer’s wishes first. We are proactive and innovative in how we approach data-logistic processes can be improved continuously.