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How does a DESADV work?

DESADV is the abbreviation for DESpatch ADVice. This is the electronic version of the paper packing slip. This EDI message contains all information relating to the delivery.

In the most concise format the DESADV only states who sends the order, who receives the order and at what time. An article code (EAN / GTIN / SKU) and quantity are also mentioned per order line. The extended version of the DESADV also contains the data per pallet with all products on the pallet and the associated batch codes. We call this batch code a SSCC.

Serial Shipment Container Code (SSCC)

SSCC is the abbreviation for Serial Shipment Container Code and contains the worldwide unique identification of a logistic unit. SSCC is suitable for Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). WMS solutions can receive, store and link an electronic advanced shipping notice to the SSCC.

Automatic invoice check

The DESADV can also have an important role by automating the invoice check. By using the EDI notice ORDRSP (to confirm purchase price per piece), DESADV (actual receipt) and INVOIC (what is actually invoiced), the entire process from import and verification of the invoices can be automated.

The advantage of a SSCC

The DESADV indicates for each SSCC which SKUs (EAN/GTIN) are on the pallet and in what quantity. The great advantage of an SSCC is that the moment an employee scans the SSCC, the data of all articles on the pallet are immediately imported and visible in the WMS.

Onetrail and DESADV

On a daily bases large numbers of DESADV messages are sent from and to the trading partners connected to the Onetrail Trading Partner Network.