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What is payload agnostic?

Payload agnostic means that the service is not aware of the content it is serving. In case of SOAP with XML it means the usage of, for example, a CDATA element or MIME message containing the actual XML message. Some examples within the standards community of payload agnostic services are: AS2/AS4 and ebMS.

How does Onetrail use payload agnostic?

In addition to AS2, the Onetrail Trading Partner Network REST ODE Service for Sellers is payload agnostic, meaning the service is generic for all order related message types and thus not aware of the content of the message. Message validation (schema validation in case of XML) needs to be performed outside of the service. The advantage here is that the connection can be set up easily, regardless of the order type.

What is the disadvantage of a payload agnostic?

The disadvantage of payload agnostic services is that the service is not validating against the schema of the message which can cause schema errors at the service provider.

What is the advantage of a payload agnostic?

The advantage of a payload agnostic service is that only one service is required to transfer all types of messages.