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Sell on Amazon with Onetrail

As a certified Value-Added Network for Amazon, Onetrail can help you sell your products on the largest online marketplace in Europe. You can connect to Amazon through the same Onetrail connection you have already established for your other customers, whether you sell your products through Amazon Vendor Central or Seller Central.

Most of the sellers connected to the Onetrail platform use a multi-channel sales strategy via their own sales department, their website, and their channel connections via Onetrail, varying from the distribution channel, resellers, retailers, and marketplaces. Specializing in automating sales and purchase processes between these companies in IT/CE, we support all those channels.

As a certified Value-Added Network for Amazon, we would like to zoom into your connection to the largest online marketplace in Europe, Amazon. Did you know this can also be done through the same Onetrail connection you have already set up for your other customers via the Onetrail platform? Selling your products via Amazon you will be either set up on Amazon Vendor Central or Seller Central.

If you are a 1P (first-party seller) to Amazon, you will be set up in the online portal called Amazon Vendor Central. Amazon is in this case the buyer of your products and can be set up in Onetrail alongside all your other customers, for both product data exchange and different order processes. In most cases, Amazon sells your products under their brand name to the end-user. Whether Amazon arranges the shipment or a drop shipment is done from you as a seller to the end user, all shipment types are supported by the Onetrail functionality.

If you are a store owner on Amazon’s website as a marketplace, you will be using Amazon Seller Central. Amazon charges a monthly fee for using their platform and a fee at the transaction level. In this case, you as a seller will be selling directly to the end-user using the Amazon platform. You can then choose to handle the fulfillment and logistics for your sales yourself or outsource this to Amazon for an additional fee. Onetrail currently doesn’t fully support the connection with Amazon Seller Central. Please contact our sales for the options or more information.

Whichever way you choose to do your business, as a Onetrail customer there is no need to run a separate EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) connection for Amazon. You can use our Amazon connection in any of the countries you operate in. Amazon launched last week a new program allowing sellers that are using Amazon as a sales channel to sell through nine European Amazon stores with a few clicks.

One of the unique features of the Onetrail platform is that every connection with Onetrail can be re-used. Onetrail is active in all those countries where Amazon launched their European Expansion Accelerator and a set-up for all of those can be up and running within a few days. So, if you are a Onetrail customer in the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, or Poland and you are doing or planning to do business with Amazon, give us a call and we will help you boost your sales using our already running Amazon integration.

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