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Who is Onetrail?

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Onetrail. We have been around since 1999 and are continuously undergoing new developments. We are also always meeting new business contacts. You will find our story below.
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Our story: from market demand to Trading Partner Network

At the end of the previous century, a number of companies was looking for a better way to send and receive orders and price lists. Additionally, processing order updates was also a challenge. And calling back and forth (or faxing) information was no longer practical, due to the rising popularity of online shopping.

EDI for everyone

The companies started looking at EDI, the electronic exchange of data. EDI would help to reduce the number of manual mistakes and speed up and simplify the transaction process. Except there was one ‘but’. Successfully setting up traditional EDI was only feasible for very large organisations, mainly due to its high costs and complexity. But that would soon change…

A team of experts specialising in EDI supply chain, enterprise software and distribution had a fantastic idea. Among this team were our founders Jeroen Moonen and Cor Zijlstra. They developed a service that would move the complexity of EDI to a central hub. And to realise that idea they founded Onetrail in 1999.

Now, EDI was within reach for middle-sized and smaller organizations. First in the IT & Telecom industry. With its in-depth knowledge of all trading processes, Onetrail developed an EDI solution that had no problem meeting the needs of resellers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers.

The start of the Onetrail Trading Partner Network

The solution was optimised based on the current successful Onetrail Trading Partner Network (TPN). This network offers numerous data integration possibilities for a variety of industries. Hundreds of parties have already joined our Trading Partner Network.

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Our vision and mission: customer focus requires control of data logistics

Since the beginning of the 21st century, technical developments and the forth-flowing possibilities have taken flight. Digital has become the norm. As a result, organisations put their customers at the centre of their operations. And to realise the ultimate customer focus, technology is becoming more and more important.

A grip on data logistics

A key result of this development is that organisations are increasingly connected. Which means they are more dependable on external processes and data. The collaboration between companies is a given, and nearly impossible to ignore. In order to guarantee process continuity, scalability and reliability companies need to gain a grip on their data logistics. It is the only way for them to stay relevant.

It is our mission to put companies in control of these processes, so they can fully focus on servicing their customers. The customer experience is becoming more important than price and product. Which means the success of a company depends on its ability and willingness to put the

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Our organisation: fifty data logistics professionals

Onetrail currently employs approximately fifty people. Most of our employees are experts in data logistics solutions and servicing our customers.

Optimising, testing and monitoring

Our development team consists of programmers that develop cloud solutions. They work on solutions that are readily applicable on an agile basis. The support & delivery team consists of people who specialize in message transformation (such as orders and invoices), end-to-end testing and data monitoring.

Within this team, a group of people actively works on setting up and optimising the right connection for transaction messages. Other team members test the connection, after which the support time uses 24/7 monitoring to guarantee the connection is always operational.

Total Specific Solutions

On April 9 – 2019, Onetrail became part of Total Specific Solutions (TSS), an surrounding that suits with our ambitious growth plans.

Total Specific Solutions is a leading European provider of IT business solutions and consists of independent business units that deliver products and services to their specific vertical market segments. This market expertise is based on decades of experience.

TSS is active in the verticals healthcare, local and central government, financial and legal services, accountancy, agriculture, automotive, construction, education, hospitality, manufacturing, maritime, mobility, real estate and retail.

TSS is part of Inc, a public company listed on the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange. Inc is part of the ecosystem of Constellation Software Inc (CSI), a global provider of vertical business solutions.

More information:

News: Onetrail finds the surrounding for European growth in TSS

Our first sister: Civity

In 2013, Onetrail was introduced to Arjen Hof, another expert in data logistics. We combined his experience and Onetrail’s knowledge of IT platforms for government agencies, resulting in our daughter company Civity.

Open data for civilians and the city

Civity connects suppliers of (open) data to the users of these data – always in a secure and managed environment. The goal? Making sure good-quality data is always available for innovative applications.

Civity forms the connection between the ‘civilian’ and the ‘city’ and mainly focuses on the public sector. More information about these specific services can be found on