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Kees van der Meer voor werken bij Onetrail pagina

Implementation consultant

“The devil is in the details”


“As an implementation consultant in the Delivery department, I ensure that new customers are connected to our Trading Partner Network and that requests from existing customers for adjustments or new features are managed. Suppose a customer wants to connect a new manufacturer to our network, all kinds of technical and administrative issues are involved. We also investigate what is needed to realize the connection.”

“For example, we need product data from the customer. Sometimes this can be done in a short period of time, but at other times it can be quite a puzzle. That means that sometimes you can create a connection in two weeks, but at other times it can take two months. These puzzles make my work challenging and fascinating. Especially if you, together with your colleagues, succeed in solving a tricky problem quickly and effectively. This is very satisfying. The experience is that it’s all about the small things: as one of my colleagues regularly puts it: ‘The devil is in the details’.”

“Because we work with technology a lot and there are constant changes in that area, it is important to keep up with developments. So, that’s exactly what we do. Within Delivery, we work with a compact team in which it is completely normal to help each other. We connect with each other a lot, both online and offline. From many things it’s obvious that Onetrail wants to take steps and grow further. Think of initiatives in the area of customers such as the customer panels, and in the area of employees such as the space for personal development. That really motivates.”