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Rob Zandstra voor werken bij Onetrail pagina

Account coördinator

“Collaborating closely with customers makes my job interesting every single day.”


“As an account coordinator I am the central point when it comes to translating the customer wishes our account managers gather in the field. These come from both existing and new customers. My task is to look internally at the possibilities and how we can provide practical answers. I also work as an account manager for a number of large Benelux customers, especially IT distributors.”

“As I worked in this industry in the past, I have many contacts there and I am familiar with all the processes. This makes it much easier for me to determine what we can do for our customers. Together we continuously look at ways to take next steps in automating processes. Collaborating closely with customers in solving these puzzles makes my job interesting every single day.”

“In my experience, Onetrail is a professional organization with short lines of communication. How you do your job is up to you. Naturally, we discuss everything that must be done, but how to proceed is up to us. In fact, taking initiatives is very much stimulated and acknowledged.”