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Steven Glasius voor werken bij Onetrail pagina


“There is confidence in our knowledge and expertise, and that works well.”


“Onetrail’s Trading Partner Network plays a crucial role in automating the processes at our customers. It allows a vendor, distributor or retailer to keep their product data up-to-date and let’s them quickly process orders. As a developer, I am closely involved in the technical side of this network. Our team works on new features, (web) applications for our Trading Partner Network product suite, or adjustments to our Trading Partner Network on a daily basis.”

“We do this with the agile SCRUM methodology, combined with Liberating Structures, to give every team member an equal voice. Every fortnight we deliver a functionality, varying from moving a button on a screen to a completely new application or service. We use different technologies, including Java, Angular, GitLab CI/CD. We look at each question to see which technology can best answer a specific question. As developers, we have an important voice. Nothing is imposed from above. There is confidence in our knowledge and expertise, and that works well.”

“In addition, there is plenty of room for personal development. For example, you get the opportunity to work on a personal goal for four hours a week: this goal can be developing soft skills, but also learning more about a new technology. You also have plenty of opportunities to fulfil a different role if you have the ambition to do so. I started as a consultant myself but wanted to move on to development. I was given every opportunity to do so.”