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Onetrail partner CNET Content Solutions joins forces with 1WorldSync

Last December, 1WorldSync, a leading provider of product content solutions, completed its acquisition of CNET Content Solutions (CCS). Onetrail customers may know CNET from their rich content data service, which is delivered via Onetrail’s Trading Partner Network. CNET has partnered with Onetrail for years to manage and exchange product information, including images and specification details.

What does this acquisition mean for users of the Onetrail network? Olivier Krieger, EMEA Sales Director at 1WorldSync, explains: “This transaction brings two powerful platforms together under one company to provide brands and retailers with end-to-end product content solutions, from supply chain data to rich content that powers e-commerce. New capabilities enable mission-critical digital information and content that drives ecommerce growth for brands and retailers.

New marketing data additions: brand logos, ECCN and Energy labels
Krieger continues: “In the short term, there are a few changes for Onetrail customers. First of all, an extension has been made to 1WorldSync marketing data delivery by adding brand logos. This gives customers the opportunity to add logos of the brands they are selling to their web shop or website. The brand logos will be available in June 2021. In addition, two new marketing data modules will become available: ECCN and Energy labels.

The 1WorldSync team has been offering Energy labels for six years now. “Since 2020, there has been an uptake in demand, as consumers seem to be more interested in the energy use of their appliances. In March 2021, the ranking of energy labels changed significantly, which required us to adapt all relevant products. From March 2021, the new energy labels are mandatory for a range of products, including dishwashers, washing machines and washer dryer combinations, fridge-freezers, wine coolers and displays, including televisions.”

As second new product 1WorldSync offers Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN), which is used to identify items which may be subject to export control.

“All tools and new tools for optimal product data management now available from one source”


Another innovation is 360-degree imagery. This way of presenting products from any angle is very effective. Research shows conversion can increase by as much as 47 percent.

Finally, another new feature we offer is augmented reality. This technology has been available for a while, but now, it seems the market is ready for it. We see an increase in demand which can be in part attributed to COVID-19 and the resulting surge in ecommerce. Augmented reality content enables a buyer to use his or her smartphone to check how a product – such as a couch or a flat screen TV – fits in one’s room. You can actually walk around the product to experience it as you would in real life. Research has shown that this technology too is very effective. We see add-to cart increases of 25 percent.”

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