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Corona update #3; Personal Care shows largest increase

The fact that we cannot have our hair and nails done at the hairdresser’s or in a beauty salon is clearly visible in the order numbers handled by the Onetrail platform. The order numbers for Personal Care devices show a significant increase in volume. Headsets and microphones are also popular, probably to make working from home as pleasant as possible for all housemates. In addition, games and sports equipment again show a remarkably large order volume.
Order volume Personal care increases by more than 400 percent
  • The growing demand for Personal Care devices continues and the order volume has increased by more than 400 percent compared to pre Corona times.
Optimization of the home offices continues
  • The large number of orders for headsets, headphones and microphones continues. Probably to make working from home with several people as comfortable as possible;
  • After a peak in week twelve, the number of orders for monitors and notebooks remains at the level of week thirteen.
Demand for games remains high, sports equipment in the plus
  • The number of orders for games and accessories in week fourteen is almost the same as in the previous two weeks. The game supply chain is struggling to meet this high demand;
  • The demand for game input devices also continues to rise. Compared to week thirteen, we see an increase of almost 60 percent;
  • The number of orders for sports equipment rose again after a decrease in week thirteen.

Total number of orders on the same level
The total number of orders placed for all product groups managed to maintain itself at regular level in week fourteen. The small decline in week thirteen did not persevered.

Insight into relevant purchasing effects

Onetrail processes the data of thousands of orders within the IT market daily via the Onetrail Trading Partner Network. Based on the data, it is easy to observe significant spikes in demand for products and relevant purchasing effects through the corona crisis. With these Corona updates we provide insight into the most striking shifts.

In the coming weeks we will continue to monitor our database for relevant purchasing effects due to the corona crisis.

Current status corona measures
From Thursday in week eleven, the entire country has to work from home as much as possible. From week twelve the schools are closed, everyone with a non-vital profession works at home and we only go outside when necessary. The 1.5-meter distance measure applies throughout the whole country and for everyone. The current (home-working) measures will certainly continue until April 28, 2020. All this with the aim of containing the corona spread.

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