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Corona update #4; iPhone SE peaks mobile phone orders

The two most notable risers of the past week are mobile phones and household appliances. The high order numbers for mobile phones can be explained by the launch of the new iPhone SE. The second big riser is home appliances. In line with other places in the house, the kitchen is now undergoing an upgrade and household appliances are are viewed critically. Personal care devices remain popular for the third week in a row.
Introduction Iphone SE spikes mobile phone orders
  • The launch of the iPhone SE spikes orders for mobile phones.
  • Retailers and resellers placed their inventory orders in week 16, which is reflected in an almost 500 percent increase in the mobile phone category compared to week 15.
Surprising increase in home appliances
  • After peaks in orders for upgrading the home workplace, home gym and personal care, there is now a clear increase in the category of remaining consumer electronics.
  • This increase is entirely due to household appliances.
  • Without the option of eating out, many people upgrade or replace their kitchen appliances.
Personal care devices remain popular
  • The personal care devices remain popular. This category shows a high order quantity for the third week in a row.
  • Apparently the consumer does not want to wait until the corona rules for hairdressers become less strict and take action by themselves.

The total number of orders has decreased

The total number of orders placed for all product groups shows a decrease. We keep a close eye on the total numbers of orders to be able to observe a trend over several weeks.

Insight into relevant purchasing effects

Onetrail processes the data of thousands of orders within the IT market daily via the Onetrail Trading Partner Network. Based on the data, it is easy to observe significant spikes in demand for products and relevant purchasing effects through the corona crisis. With these Corona updates we provide insight into the most striking shifts.

In the coming weeks we will continue to monitor our database for relevant purchasing effects due to the corona crisis.

Current status corona measures
From Thursday in week eleven, the entire country has to work from home as much as possible. From week twelve the schools are closed, everyone with a non-vital profession works at home and we only go outside when necessary. The 1.5-meter distance measure applies throughout the whole country and for everyone. The current (home-working) measures will certainly continue until April 28, 2020. All this with the aim of containing the corona spread.

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