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Jeroen Moonen to leave Onetrail after 23 years

“The whole traditional concept of manufacturer, distributor and reseller has been completely turned upside down”


Onetrail continues to develop
Onetrail co-founder and current CTO Cor Zijlstra is happy with this prospect. “Jeroen and I have always had an excellent business and private relationship. The success of Onetrail is mainly due to the clear division of tasks between the two of us: Jeroen managed customers and the business, and I focused on the technology. And we soon found Richard Zuijdam, now managing director of Civity, to be the right person for day-to-day operational matters. Onetrail continues to develop now that the requirements within supply chains are becoming increasingly stringent. Consumers and companies are less and less willing to wait for their products. We are moving from next day to same day delivery. There are important opportunities for us there.”

“At Onetrail, Civity and Onetrail CIS, the management teams are now rock solid”


Total Specific Solutions
In 2019, Onetrail became part of Total Specific Solutions (TSS), a European company active in software for vertical markets. TSS consists of independent business units that each supply products and services to their market segment. “A strong formula,” says Jeroen, “and an organization with a strong learning capacity. TSS is exceptionally good at linking creative entrepreneurship with the need for efficiency. The various business units have a lot of knowledge that is shared. At the same time, the strength of TSS lies in the fact that each business unit operates completely independently with its own management team. At Onetrail, Civity and Onetrail CIS, those teams are now rock solid, which gives me an exceptionally good feeling.”

Portfolio manager TSS
Jeroen also worked as a portfolio manager at TSS for the past two years. In this role he was available as a sparring partner for the management teams of Onetrail. After Jeroen’s departure, Stefan Kuijpers, portfolio manager within TSS, will take over this role. In addition to being a portfolio manager, Stefan is also director of TSS’ PinkRoccade Local Government Information Services unit. Kuijpers: “In the years that I had the opportunity to work with Jeroen, I got to know him as someone who sees opportunities everywhere and has an enormous drive to innovate and improve. That has been invaluable.”

“Fortunately, a lot of attention has been paid in recent years to the personal development of the members of the management teams that will succeed Jeroen. I look forward to collaborating with them to further develop the organizations. Where are the opportunities when it comes to product-market combinations, can we benefit from synergy between TSS units, where can we tap into new markets, what is the dot on the horizon? I am very much looking forward to working together on our success and that of our customers.”

Jeroen thanks!
All Onetrail colleagues will miss Jeroen. Over the past 23 years, he has provided growth, the right atmosphere, fun, guidance, and calmness when things get hectic. We wish Jeroen all the best for the future!

Team Onetrail