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What will be Onetrails next new feature?

Product Management Update

In the first half of 2021 our product management department worked on the realization of a new feature Reservation Order (Call-off) and the improvement of the Product Data Index Quality.

The Reservation Order (Call-off) has led to surprisingly fast results and is already a complete and working feature. You can find more info on this on the product page.

For the Product Data Index Quality initiative we have, in collaboration with a customer panel, worked on a solution direction that is being considered to identify suspects by comparing GTIN’s, brands and manufacturer part numbers from linked supplier items with each other. The idea is that buyer and supplier are then both given the opportunity to correct their internal product data on a dashboard. With the next processing round, these product data then will be corrected or marked as being the correct product data.

At this moment these suspect identification procedure, supplier dashboard and buyer dashboard are elaborated in three user stories. Next steps are to bring these user stories into a successful business case and start the early adopter program recruitment to find customers who are willing to partner with us in realizing a minimal viable product.

More details on the Product Data Index Quality you find on the project page.

We have five new features. Which ones are your favorite?

We are currently reviewing five features with the potential to bring them to the next stage of development. We would love to hear from you which feature appeals to you the most. We have the capacity to work on one new feature in addition to the ongoing Product Data Index Quality project.

  1. Add Proof of Delivery Order Exchange; New message type to support Proof of delivery (POD) as a separate message. For Sellers, often in combination with their transporter, to send a POD message after receipt of the goods by the recipient. More info
  2. Engineering Orders; Ability to place orders for services such as; engineers for daily or monthly repairs, replacing parts, reinstalling new servers or datacenter for a longer period.
  3. Supplier performance dashboard: order status; A dashboard for buyers where they can track the quality of estimated delivery dates and other performance indicators of their connected suppliers based on supplier SLA agreements. The first indicator on the dashboard will be the order status. Other indicators will follow. A mock-up of the dashboard can be found here.
  4. Exchange RMA’s requests; Exchange RMA’s (Return Material Autorisation) request via EDI (XML) between buyers and sellers.
  5. Submit purchase order with status HOLD; Be able to put orders on hold with the suppliers, so that you still can make changes or add things to your order, while the stock is reserved.

Vote now! Make your voice heard. 
Go to our voting & Tracking page. You find the five features in the Customer Voting column. Login with your Customer Care/Servicedesk password and click on the vote button on the right.

There are no limitations on the number of votes. Please vote on all ideas you seriously consider valuable for your business and you potentially like to purchase from Onetrail.

Based on the votes and some other rulers we will decide in September which feature we will develop further. We keep you posted on further developments via email, our product news page, and other communication channels.

Vote now!

Kind regards,

Cor Zijlstra and Mariël Oolthuis