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Corona-update #1; Orders for home offices almost quadrupled

Many companies see a drastic drop in their turnover due to the measures taken around the corona virus. Yet some companies are doing good business right now, such as in the IT market, where we see the effects of mass compulsory working from home. Demand for products that enable employees to set up a reliable home office space increased by three double digits.

Onetrail processes the data of thousands of orders within the IT market daily via the Onetrail Trading Partner Network. Based on the data, it is easy to observe significant spikes in demand for products and relevant purchasing effects through the corona crisis.

In summary, this is what happened. In week ten, only North Brabant had to work from home. On Thursday, in week eleven, Prime Minister Rutte asked the whole country to work from home as much as possible. And that was immediately evident in demand for computer monitors, notebooks, and related articles. This trend continued last week (week twelve).

The most recent data from the Onetrail Trading Partner Network

The demand for computer monitors and notebooks is increasing significantly:

  • The number of monitors ordered more than tripled last week compared to week ten;
  • The number of ordered notebooks has almost quadrupled;
  • Demand for webcams and printing paper is also showing significant growth.
Not only working at home, but also a home gym

In the sports equipment and accessories product group, we also see a tripling of the number of orders via the Onetrail Trading Partner Network.

Personal care devices remain popular
  • The personal care devices remain popular. This category shows a high order quantity for the third week in a row.
  • Apparently the consumer does not want to wait until the corona rules for hairdressers become less strict and take action by themselves.

Total number of orders constant

The total number of orders placed for all product groups is consistent for week ten, eleven, and twelve and shows no deviations.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to monitor our database for relevant purchasing effects due to the corona crisis.

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