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In addition to invoice, order, order response and despatch advice available via Onetrail Peppol

Onetrail offers the option to send the order, order response and despatch advice in addition to the invoice via Onetrail Peppol. One standard for digital purchase and sales messages delivered directly via Onetrail to government agencies or other companies throughout Europe.

No more PDF attachments to an email, but the same digital format for everyone, completed in the same way and sent in a secured format worldwide. This makes shipping easy and secure.
Onetrail is Peppol network Access Point

Peppol is the European secure network of ERP, accounting and e-invoicing software suites, which makes it possible to exchange invoices and orders safely and reliably between those suites based on an XML standard (UBL).

Onetrail is directly connected to the Peppol network as an Access Point. This allows you to exchange invoices, orders, order responses and despatch advices easily, safely and reliably via Onetrail with, for example, governments and companies throughout Europe.

Want to know more? Please contact your account manager or the sales department.