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Leader in improved data logistics

Onetrail was born and raised in the IT market. In the past twenty years we have finetuned our solutions to support a wide variety of IT related processes. View our solutions:

Finetuned for orders and shipments

From cloud licences to Special BIDs or BTOs. Onetrail supports all order types, but also all types of shipments, including several ship-to addresses, warehouse deliveries, drop shipments, partial deliveries and RMAs. We offer clients in IT, Office & Telecom the following solutions and services:

1. Buyer solution: getting your suppliers’ data aligned

As a reseller in IT, Office & Telecom you must be able to focus on delivering additional services and realising a high volume. You do not want to waste time on receiving and cleaning suppliers’ data on products, orders and invoices. These data must be right, period. Onetrail is the market leader in data logistics within IT and nearly all IT distributors in the Netherlands are connected. Do you want to receive product data or order updates from these suppliers? Just connect to the Onetrail network.

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2. Trading Partner Network: connect only once

The Trading Partner Network is set up in such a way that we create a one-time translation between the format of the connecting party and the Onetrail format in the middle. This way, it is possible to use the same connection for all connected Onetrail Trading Partners. A connected Trading Partner needs only to be activated and the link between the both of you is live.

3. Self-Connect Service: do-it-yourself

Onetrail can take care of connecting you to the Trading Partner Network as well as create an industry-standard or customer-specific mapping for every EDI message. If your IT department or partner helps you create an EDI interface, you can leave the mapping to the Onetrail format to them. Onetrail provides a full-fledged Self-Connect environment. Here, you will find all required documentation and examples. It is also possible to test and enhance messages and business scenarios you created yourself.

4. Product Data Service: for the use of real-time data

The service that cleans, normalises and structures data. The result is data in one single format. You are ready to use real-time data!

Onetrail’s approach for clean data

The right product data are the basis of every commercial process. Sales, purchasing, finance and logistics all benefit from consistent data. Therefore data need to be cleaned, normalised and structured before they can be imported in the internal systems.

Onetrail receives the data on your behalf, performs all necessary tasks to clean, normalise and structure the data. Next, we deliver the data to you in one single format. You are ready to use real-time data!

Clean data in practice

Many times, suppliers in the trade channel do not use the original coding or description of the manufacturer. It also happens that a manufacturer has difficulty in supplying unique and consistent data because of an acquisition or merger or international sales structures. Therefore, it is not possible to use product data, supplied by trading partners in the form of a price list, one-on-one in your own systems.

Extending data with CNET rich content

Basic product data include product code, short and long descriptions and classification. How can you enrich these data with commercial product information, for example an online sales channel? It is possible via Onetrail and CNET. We offer rich content, including photos, 3D movies, commercial texts, product specifications and up and cross sell information.

Our quality guarantee

Our Product Data Management department handles the identification and normalisation of your products. In addition, we take care of the classification within the IT/Telecom UNSPSC and the specialised industry product group classification. This way, mistakes are minimised and you do not have to assign time and resources to product data maintenance.

5. Order Data Service: stop double entry of orders

Mistakes in the manual order process often lead to financial loss, especially with the current high order volumes and relatively low order values because of online sales. As the order process is fully dependent on data that are delivered by your trading partners, integration is a must. Onetrail not only offers all required message types, but also enables you to perform many of the regular industry specific business processes (drop shipments, license orders, special bids etc.) electronically.

Order Data Exchange enables you to process all order related transactions between you and your suppliers electronically. This includes placing a purchase order out of your (ERP) system or the cloud, receiving a delivery confirmation out of the purchasing order and receiving (advanced) order status messages, packing slips with all serial numbers and electronic invoices.