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Individual wishes, standard format

Up-to-date product and order related data are essential in retail in order to manage purchasing, pricing and stock and to define the supplier´s reliability. They are also necessary to adjust your purchasing process if required. Onetrail offers the right solutions. View them below.

Solutions for (r)e-tailers and their suppliers

Every retailer has his own requirements when it comes to required data fields, content and formats. Often times, this is a challenge for business partners.

Onetrail has years of experience in retail and distribution channels. This means we are well aware of current data challenges, while our solutions are optimally suited to take them on. This applies to both retailers and e-tailers, as well as their suppliers.

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Supplier solution: deliver only once

Large retailers in particular have specific requirements when it comes to product data and formats. Just consider content links, proprietary article numbers, own categories and EAN/GTIN additions. Onetrail enables you to deliver everything to all of those retailers in a standardised way. This means all your products find the right place in all online shops and back-end purchasing systems.

Buyer solution: Master Data Management

Master Data Management enables you as a buyer to save money thanks to an optimal use of datasets during the entire process.

This is how Master Data Management works

Master Data Management enables you as a buyer to save money thanks to an optimal use of datasets during the entire process. Check the main steps:

1. Vendor management

If your suppliers still provide different datasets in different ways, it can be quite a challenge to contact them all, ask them to keep on receiving the right information and convert the various formats towards your requirements. Simply outsource this to Onetrail. We will also make sure to connect suppliers.

2. Master data & category management

When all suppliers participate, their data have to be entered into the system in a ‘clean’ way. Our Product Data Management solutions will deduplicate, categorise and describe products, manufacturer part numbers, EANs and GTINs. Advanced and intelligent ‘rules’ process millions of products, prices, stock and do so more automatically. Non-common products expire. Onetrail will assign all correct data to 70 percent of all new products. Other products are processed on a daily basis, ensuring that all data is available at any moment.

3. Inventory & warehouse management

With the automated purchasing policy it is possible to purchase for the right price and based on the best terms. In addition, every discrepancy is signalled and reported. It is possible to run business rules to accelerate and improve processes and automate the warehouse. All of this saves an enormous amount of money.

4. Vendor rating

As a retailer you are highly dependent on the data of your suppliers. Therefore, it is key to have insight in their performance. Onetrail offers various capabilities to receive reports and dashboards that enable you to measure your suppliers’ performance.