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Manage all purchase orders with your suppliers electronically

An automated flow which allows you to send and manage your orders with a real time summary of your order status. Fast and accurate.

Increased performance thanks to shorter cut-over times and error-free order and invoice entry.

Electronic order coverage up to 100% by automating your email order and invoice process.

sales team that is in control thanks to fewer tedious administrative tasks and the ability to focus on core tasks.

A fully automated process

Any document to EDI

Onetrail’s Anyform Service converts all incoming email orders or invoices of virtually any format (CSV, Excel, Word, PDF and plain text) into electronic messages. These messages can then be automatically processed in your system.
This is how it works:

Monitor your order processing online

  • Follow the Anyform process in the online Onetrail Message Viewer. This tool provides an up-to-date overview of the input, process status and output of your messages.

  • Receive an email conformation as soon as the electronic message is delivered and processed successfully.
  • If the message deviates beyond recovery Onetrail will generate an automatic email stating that the message has not been processes.

Onetrail Message Viewer providing an up-to-date overview of the input, process status and output of your messages.

Maximum performance thanks to automated checks of:

Vendor Part Number/SKU verification and/or conversion;

Conversion of delivery address based on postal code;

Verification of purchasing party based on email address;

Buyer and supplier verification based on name or code;

Recognition and conversion of delivery method.

Find out what Anyform Order and Anyform Invoice can do for you

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