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Welcome to Dustin Connect!

Discover what Onetrail can do for you to automate your product data delivery to Dustin.

Onetrail is Dustin’s partner for product data

Dustin has chosen to partner with Onetrail to help connect all of their supplier’s product data into the Dustin webstore. Without accurate product data, pricing and stock levels, Dustin won’t be able to effectively sell your products. This can also lead to incorrect information being passed on to end customers, resulting in the huge administrative burden of incorrect and incomplete orders.

Up-to-date and accurate product data forms the basis of every good commercial process. Sales, purchasing, finance and warehousing… all benefit from consistent and accurate data. That is why Dustin relies on Onetrail for accurate and up-to-date information from the suppliers. With the Onetrail services you and Dustin can work with clean, structured product data in the format of your preference.

Through Onetrail Trading Partner Network you can exchange the following messages with Dustin:

  • Product information, fully indexed, normalized and categorized;
  • Hourly stock update;
  • Real-time customer specific prices and stock.

About Onetrail

Onetrail has over 20 years of experience in (EDI) product data integration. Onetrail offers structured and normalized product data to hundreds of parties in various industries: IT, telecom, retail, consumer electronics, household equipment, technical installations and more.

Onetrail advantages:

  • Thanks to the unique exception management process, you will be informed directly if something goes wrong in the trading process with your buyers;
  • With Onetrail Trading Partner Network you can easily exchange trade information, regardless of the different technical formats of you or your buyers use;
  • The use of Onetrail Trading Partner Network saves you costs, simply because the setup and maintenance costs are distributed fairly across the whole network.

Use your Dustin connection to expand your buying network

Connecting to Onetrail, not only gives you the opportunity to exchange messages with Dustin, but also offers you access to all Onetrail connected Buyers. The technical design of Onetrail Trading Partner Network allows you to do business electronically with all your buyers connected to Onetrail via a single connection.

Not only for product data, but also for order data if required by the Buyer. Onetrail will deliver these messages directly in your (ERP)system or make them available to you in our online Supplier Portal, to view, manage, adjust and send updates back to your buyers.

Your options to connect
Dustin and Onetrail agreed on very attractive rates for you to join the Onetrail Trading Partner Network for Dustin. We offer three options:

Please note that the pricing is exclusive to Dustin. Adding more buyers will affect the price, mainly on the yearly fees.

Choose your option based on your own preference

Decide which type of connection is suitable for you and sign the contract with Onetrail.
When we receive your signed contract, we start setting up your connection. Depending on which of the three options you choose, the route to connect is different.

Technical implementation information
Based on your choice, the following accompanying technical information is available to guide you during the implementation:

Option 1: Product Manager Standard

– Guidelines how to work with Product Manager using your own product data file

– Guidelines how to work with Product Manager using the Onetrail template

– Guidelines how to set up sFTP upload

Option 2: Product Manager Comfort

– Onetrail will contact you to coordinate your on-boarding

– Guidelines on how to send product data

– Guidelines on how to set up the sFTP upload

Option 3: Product Manager Premium

– Onetrail will contact you to coordinate your on-boarding

– Guidelines on how to send product data

– Guidelines on how to set up the sFTP upload

Find out what Dustin Connect can do for you

We are here to help you get the most out of your Dustin connection. For more technical details, information about Onetrail services or the collaboration between Dustin and Onetrail, please contact: