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Companies often have their own IT department that develops and manages EDI integrations, but it is a costly process. Especially since your customers and suppliers each have their own EDI language, format and customer specific data wishes. Moreover, an EDI connection is never completely finished. It has to be updated for every (!) adaptation or change that is made. Onetrail offers suitable solutions. Which? Read more below.

Onetrail the EDI specialist

Onetrail has been specializing in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions for almost twenty years. We are a market leader in existing EDI connections in IT and Retail. In addition, Onetrail is highly experienced in connecting new parties. With us, you can outsource as much of your EDI strategy as you want.

EDI outsourcing: integration with ERP

Onetrail offers the Trading Partner Network, for example, which you can join easily. You will immediately benefit from all previous investments and efforts. Our ‘adapter’ connects your ERP, CRM or company system to the Trading Partner Network. And if your company changes ERPs or other systems, we can adapt your EDI connection to your new applications or software.

EDI Outsourcing: full service

Do you have an in-house IT department? In that case they can create and maintain the initial interface. Next, Onetrail will take care of the interface with the partners and suppliers that you selected. You can even deliver a complete list of all desired trading partners.

We can take care of everything. From the first moment of contact to setting up the most suitable EDI solution on our platform. Within months, your partners can be connected to your EDI environment.

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Problems Solved

Reduce the processing time of the order

Improve insight in the dispatch time and stock accuracy

Automate data exchange, allowing you to dispatch quicker

Service new suppliers with faster connection times

Create a connection with multiple customers at a time, to increase your revenue

Eliminate standardisation and integration complexity

Share set-up and maintenance costs

Want to know more about EDI Outsourcing?

We would be happy to share our experiences with you, so we can create an applicable business case. Call us or send us an email for more information about the benefits of EDI Outsourcing.