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Support your sales tools with the most comprehensive product information

Benefit from our marketing data to enhance your online experience by empowering your customers to discover the right products through easier search, product comparisons and related products. Discover our Marketing Data modules.

The best sales data thanks to combined purchase and marketing data

Increased online revenue with the help of detailed product information

Decreased e-commerce costs by outsourcing product content creation

Turn your purchase data into high-standard sales data

Create the best customer experiences on any channel

Onetrail combines purchase data that comes from a seller with marketing data that comes from our service partner 1WorldSync. Together they provide high-standard sales data. With these sales data, you’ll be able to simplify access to the right product information with easier searches, product comparisons, compelling packaging and a visual representation of your products. The perfect solution to decrease the cost of in-house development of product catalog content and SKU maintenance.
How does it work?

Purchase data is collected and stored in the Onetrail product data store. Marketing data is matched by vendor part number and brand and added to the product data store. In addition, new products in the market are enriched with 1WorldSync marketing data.

The combination of purchase data and marketing data provides a complete set of sales data. Based on your subscription, your product data feed is enriched with the requested marketing data.

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Product Viewer
In addition to the product data feed that you receive directly in your IT systems, we also provide an overview of all products and all available purchase and marketing data in the online Product Viewer. The Product Viewer offers two views of the Onetrail product data store:
  • 1. The supplier database with all available purchase data
  • 2. The 1WorldSync database with all available marketing data
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Onetrail Product Viewer showing a view of the 1WorldSync database.
About 1WorlSync Content Solutions

1WorldsSync Content Solutions is a Onetrail service partner that provides marketing data. Its specific content solutions enable us to empower you with the most comprehensive product information in the industry.

1WorldSync Content Solutions is the world’s leading independent source of product information. It offers detailed content in 34 markets on over 16 million technology products in 23 languages. The company converts shoppers into buyers by providing product information and creating solutions that empower businesses to improve their customer experience and bottom line. More information can be found on 1WorldSync Content Solutions.

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Product options

Four product levels

Basic level provides all the marketing data you need to help your customers discover the right products.

Plus level contains additional specifications on a more granular level, for end users that need to know every detail of a product.

Advanced level contains additional related accessories to package the most popular products, with a complete list of high-margin OEM accessories.

Professional level contains additional searchable attributes, providing a set of granular, normalized attributes for each product category. These attributes enable parametric search, side by side product comparison, and extended categorization for on a website.

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Additional modules

Additional language enables you to receive your marketing data in an extra language.

Additional feed enables you to receive your marketing data through more outputs.

Energy labels enables you to show energy labels with your products.

ECCN classification enables you to easily identify items subject to export control.

The additional modules are available for all levels.

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Special Bid and Special Deal module

After obtaining the sales order, the order needs to be processed in-house. Onetrail’s Special Bid and Special Deal module helps you streamline your order process: orders are electronically processed based on special pricing arrangements.

Along with the Special Bid data, this is the perfect support tool to design and gear your Special Bid quote and handling the process to optimum effect. See our Special Bid and Special Deal page for more details.

Find out what our Marketing Data modules can do for you

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