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All suppliers’ data

Are only your largest suppliers connected via EDI? This is not unusual. The rest has neither the time nor the means to ensure that all required product data are available in your system. Still, you need those data. Onetrail offers the right solution for you as a buyer. Read more below.

Master Data Management

Every process starts with the right master data. Onetrail supports you with Master Data Management in your ERP system, but also with your commercial enriched product content. And with the data that can automate your warehouse, as well as other suppliers’ data. Onetrail will get everything out of your system and out of theirs.

No more manual work

It does not matter with which supplier you work. And you as a buyer are worry-free. Enjoy the daily benefits of Master Data Management. No more double entry of price lists or calling suppliers to get product information. Onetrail will take the manual work out of your hands.

Product Manager: an alternative for EDI

For suppliers who are not (yet) connected via EDI, Onetrail offers its Product Manager. Connected buyers use the Product Manager to quickly connect all suppliers. They get an account with a manual and can get to work in delivering data according to the wishes of our buyers (including Coolblue). On the supplier side, there is no need for investments or implementation. And that is why this is the ideal (and actually the only) way to get all suppliers connected with the right, up-to-date data.

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Need more information on product data?

We are happy to share our experiences with you and create a practical business case. Call or email us for a presentation on Onetrail’s product data solutions.