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A clear product overview thanks to filtering options

Benefit from our technology that helps you streamline your assortment and category management process. Discover our Product Filter.

Increased performance thanks to quicker stock allocation and processing times, leading to faster delivery.

Electronic order coverage up to 100% by automating your special price orders.

A sales team that is in control thanks to fewer tedious administrative tasks and the ability to focus on core tasks.

A clear overview

All available products at one glance

The Onetrail Product Filter allows you to create a clear, filtered overview in your own application of your suppliers’ products, categories and brands.
How does it work?

Onetrail’s Product Exchange puts all products offered by your connected suppliers in your own application. This can result in a very large number of products in your internal application, which may be overwhelming.

With the Product Filter you limit your daily output of products coming from Onetrail and the number of products shown in your own application. Depending on the Product Filter settings, the number of products can be reduced significantly. This offers you a clearer overview.

The Product Filter allows you to filter products by supplier, brand and product classification.

On top of filtering products, you will also be able to retrieve automatic updates for selected products (SKUs).

Onetrail_TPN_image_03 bijgesneden@4x
Product Viewer

You manage and select the Product Filter and selected products in the online Onetrail Product Viewer. In this Product Viewer, you will find a complete overview of all available products from your connected sellers.

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Onetrail Product Viewer showing Product Filter options.

Find out what our Product Filter can do for you

We are here to help you make the best choices for your business.