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All special price deals available directly in your IT system

Make the most of the uniformly structured Special Bid information of all manufacturers, collated by Onetrail. Find out what our Special Bid data can do for you.

A Purchasing department in control thanks to minimal time spent on keeping Bid information up to date.

Fast response times on Bid deals thanks to up-to-the-minute info that is immediately available.

Keenly priced quotes thanks to up-to-the-minute Bid information.

Up-to-the-minute view of all Special Bid deals

Link your system to Special Bid information to see the most keenly priced bids

Onetrail’s Special Bid information puts you in a winning position, giving you the very latest stock status and the up-to-the-minute price of any given special Bid deal at your fingertips at all times! Onetrail collates the pricing arrangements of all available suppliers and makes them accessible to you in a data flow. The IT systems patched into this data flow are up-to-date at any time. The up-to-the-minute Bid information is available to be consulted immediately at all times.
How does it work?

Manufacturers agree special pricing arrangements with buyers, the so-called Special Bid deals. Each day, Onetrail is sent the Special Bid data by the distributors, detailing the up-to-the-minute status of the deal. By way of Data conversion, these data is converted into a standard data format. This Special Bid data can then be connected directly to an IT system through a link with the Trading Partner Network.

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The data is delivered via FTP, AS2 or HTTP. The Special Bid data runs through the same connection as the product data and order data.

Special Bid and Special Deal module

After obtaining the sales order, the order needs to be processed in-house. Onetrail’s Special Bid and Special Deal module helps you streamline your order process: orders are electronically processed based on special pricing arrangements.

Along with the Special Bid data, this is the perfect support tool to design and gear your Special Bid quote and handling the process to optimum effect. See our Special Bid and Special Deal page for more details.

Find out what our Special Bid Exchange can do for you

We are here to help you make the best choices for your business.