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An online environment for suppliers

The Supplier Portal is an online platform that allows suppliers to manage their product data and orders without the need for technical integration. Read more.

This is how the Supplier Portal works

The online environment for suppliers consists of the following elements:

1. Product Manager

For suppliers who are not (yet) connected via EDI, Onetrail offers its Product Manager. Suppliers can use the Product Manager to upload their database of products which will be ingested by their buyer(s).

Onetrail sets the supplier up with an account and user manual, which will guide you step by step how to deliver your product data, with the necessary requirements. The account allows you to login and refresh your product, prices and stock quickly and simply.

As long as you can access the internet you are ready to connect to the Product Manager.

Onetrail offer a automated update option to take your data via FTP daily without the need to manually update the information.

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2. Order Manager

Onetrail offers the Order Manager for you to receive orders from your buyers easily and efficiently.

From the Order Manager you can respond to your buyers in a easy step by step way through a click of a button. The service guides you through the order management from accepting or rejecting the order, updating the status, updating order shipment and courier information, serial number and e-Invoices.

The Order Manager reduces the need to manage spread sheets as all your orders for the buyer are stored and managed from the portal in an intuitive way. Keeping the buyer updated on their order status, without needing to constantly request information manually.

3. My Onetrail

As a supplier and Onetrail customer you log on to the My Onetrail environment to manage your credentials and rights within your own organisation. You are able to connect new customers with just a few clicks. You can select a list of parties that are already member of the Onetrail Trading Partner Network or invite a customer yourself.

4. Message Guide

All messages are stored in once place: the Message Guide can be used as a support tool to check if a message has been sent to you via the Onetrail platform. You can access all the original messages (files, orders, invoices) and they are never lost via the Onetrail platform. Everything can be found in the Message Guide, a direct look into our ‘heart’ of the data exchange service.

Need more information on the Supplier Portal?

We are happy to share our experiences with you and create a practical business case. Call or email us for a presentation on the Onetrail Supplier Portal.