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The Dutch government is ready to receive your e-invoices

Dutch government agencies must be able to receive and process e-invoices by April 18th 2019, but what is an e-invoice? An e-invoice is an xml file that sends a standardized set of invoice data from one financial administration to another. This set of data is set up in such a way that all financial administrations with an e-invoice option can process this automatically.

The Dutch central government can handle e-invoices since January 2017 and since then, more and more provinces, municipalities and public water authorities are able to receive and process e-invoices. The underlying objective for each supplier (to the governmental agencies) is to do business in an easy, accurate and cost-efficient manner. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe.

The Simplerinvoicing system takes a large share in making this goal possible. Simplerinvoicing is laying the foundation for an (inter)national e-invoice infrastructure using the PEPPOL transport network.

The Simplerinvoicing system consists of 40 participants who ensure that a total of more than 12,000 companies in the Netherlands can e-invoice from and to each other from their ERP or business system. As a PEPPOL autority, the Simplerinvoicing foundation monitors the security and reliability of their framework and, as a management organization, also plays a major role in the (further) development of standards, guiding prospective participants and facilitating board meetings.

Onetrail Simplerinvoicing Access Point

Onetrail is a Simplerinvoicing Access Point and can activate you instantly for e-invoicing to governmental agencies via PEPPOL. Aside from this particular transport network, Onetrail uses dozens more. Your connection to the Onetrail Trading Partner Network therefore offers you digital access to all your customers, also outside of the public sector. And, very importantly: this can be done within your current subscription!

Onetrail runs all standards for e-invoicing to the government, such as Digipoort, Simplerinvoicing and Onetrail’s own Anyform Service. Read everything about our government services.