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Doing business with government agencies

Government agencies force you go by the rules of doing business electronically. How can you connect to the UBL format and meet all the requirements? Onetrail has solutions for both standards for data exchange in government. View the solutions below.

Two standards in government

As of January 2017, all new tenders require electronic invoicing. And since May 2018, you need to comply to the new privacy laws. Onetrail ensures you are connected to the latest (obligatory) standards, regardless of your format and regardless of the fact if your customers are operating in the public sector.

This enables you, as a Onetrail customer, to do business with all your own customers and suppliers through the same Onetrail interface. And don’t forget, without additional subscriptions and costs. Onetrail has the following solutions for the public sector:

1. Digipoort

Digipoort is an ICT exchange which handles messages for the public sector. Government agencies can use Digipoort to automate their business and supply chain processes. Onetrail has its own connection to Digipoort and is able to forward your messages directly to the Digipoort exchange. With Digipoort, you are able to automate important steps in processing large volumes of declarations, reports or alerts. Many steps in processing large volumes of messages are predefined. Digipoort automates those processes, enabling you to profit in terms of time and cost, but also with regard to security and accuracy.

2. Peppol and OpenPeppol

Peppol is a digital infrastructure and agreement system for exchanging electronic data in a simple manner.

Onetrail offers the option to send the order, order response, despatch advice and invoice via Onetrail Peppol. One standard for digital purchase and sales messages delivered directly via Onetrail to government agencies or other companies throughout Europe.

The Peppol environment is fully secured and therefore approved for data exchange with government agencies. It provides electronic invoicing for everybody and not exclusively for the government. It is compatible with all current enterprise applications and software and can be used within Europe as it meets all the requirements of the European tax systems.

In Europe Peppol is the standard for sending e-invoices in a secured way to the public sector. Peppol is managed and maintained by OpenPeppol. The international OpenPeppol foundation is the coordinator of the (now) worldwide agreement system and the manager of the various standards and building blocks that make the infrastructure possible.

Onetrail is an official Simplerinvoicing and Peppol Access Point.

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3. Anyform Order and Invoice

It is also possible to convert PDF invoices coming from your system into an electronic invoice as required by the government. Obviously, you are not using advanced EDI solutions (as described above), but you do meet the requirements of electronic invoicing.