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Onetrail connects the 300th Coolblue supplier

In the final quarter of 2016, Coolblue asked Onetrail to connect all of its suppliers to its web shop manager system and order processing system. Within a year’s time, we successfully connected the 300th supplier.

Two new Onetrail products for Coolbue

To make sure we would be able to help Coolblue, Onetrail designed two new products. First, the Supplier Portal was expanded with a new functionality in the Product Manager. This allows a supplier to upload its own customer-specific prices and stocks.

Secondly, we developed a new functionality for suppliers that are unwilling or (yet) unable to communicate via EDI: the Order Manager. Every supplier can use this functionality to provide his customers with order status updates, delivery information and invoices, regardless of the system he uses.

A solution for all large and small Coolblue suppliers

Coolblue, one of the largest web shops in the Netherlands and Belgium, now has access to accurate and up-to-date information from 300 suppliers. The next step is ensuring 100 percent of the Coolblue suppliers are connected to the systems.

The Product Manager and Order Manager were initially introduced for Coolblue. After a successful pilot period, they were made available to all Onetrail customers.

Read the full Coolblue case. 

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