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New service level dashboard for all Onetrail users offers real-time insight into performance of Onetrail network

Service level dashboard – Orders

Onetrail launches a service level dashboard for all users of its Onetrail Network. The dashboard offers real-time insights into the performance of the Onetrail Trading Partner Network.

The dashboard can be found in the new Reporting tab in the main navigation of the My Onetrail environment and offers insight in:

  • Orders – insight in percentage of orders processed within the Onetrail service level of one hour. For example, when processing 100 orders, of which 98 are processed within the hour, the score is 98 percent. This insight is also available for order responses, despatch advices and invoices.
  • Products – insight in the actual processing score for product data by Onetrail. The percentage shows the amount of product data, offered before 4.00 am by sellers, that is processed by the Onetrail network before 8.00 am. This information is only available for buyers.
  • Apps – the actual availability during office hours of the Onetrail environment.
  • Services – the actual availability during office hours of Rest Services, Performance Report, Soap Services and PNA.

Extra insight with Message stats
In addition to the free dashboard components mentioned above, Reporting also offers the option to expand with the paid module Message stats. This module provides an overview of a self-selected month of all orders, order responses, despatch advices and invoices with correct and incorrect processing. The module will soon be expanded with a detailed export to Excel that can be used to perform trend analyses and other operations.

Message stats@4xService level dashboard – Message stats

Need for in-depth reporting

Cor Zijlstra, CTO and Product Manager explains why Onetrail developed the dashboard and which benefits it offers.

“The launch of this dashboard is mainly due to a large customer, which needed more in-depth reports on the daily performance of our network. Previously, we naturally also reported on the SLAs that we agree upon with customers, but this was not done in real time and not with a dashboard that gives you an overview of the current performance at any time. Our large customer had a clear need for that, which was reason for us to start working on this.”

“This dashboard gives insight into all orders and product data and into the availability and performance of the Onetrail network.”


According to Zijlstra, the development of the dashboard aligns with Onetrail’s broader approach when it comes to new features: “When we receive questions from a specific customer, we always look at what a new functionality can offer all customers. This large customer is not the only one that benefits from more real-time information. That is why we have now opened this dashboard to all our customers. It gives them insight into all their orders and product data and into the availability and performance of the Onetrail network and all our services. All in real time. Nobody has to wait any longer for the regular reports. We are organizing a webinar to guide everyone through the new SLA dashboard. Do sign up now for an extensive presentation and explanation of all components.”

Introduction service level dashboard for all Onetrail customers

Date: 30 March
Time: 4.00 – 4.30 pm CET
Free of charge

All details about the webinar

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