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Connecting all your suppliers: it is possible!

Onetrail offers a suitable solution for every supplier – via EDI or manually via the online Supplier Portal – and you can choose between a paid or free solution. By taking away all of the supplier’s excuses for not getting connected, Onetrail makes it possible to connect 100 percent of your suppliers to your own system, with data in your format.

Your challenge: connecting small suppliers

Connecting your largest suppliers usually isn’t the problem. You, as a large customer, are important enough for them and receive sufficient priority. It is usually the smaller suppliers that give you a headache.

Obstacles connecting small suppliers

There are many different suppliers

Small suppliers are often less advanced when it comes to EDI

Their revenue is too small to justify a costly and complex EDI implementation

There are many different suppliers

Our three solutions:

Approaching all these suppliers one by one is not the ideal solution. So what does work? To connect smaller suppliers, we offer the Onetrail Supplier Portal. You will also be able to use the extensive Trading Partner Network (TPN) or you can outsource your EDI implementation to Onetrail.

1. Supplier Portal

The Supplier Portal offers everything a supplier needs to do business with all customers. Like connecting more customers, product and assortment supply, receiving electronic orders and providing feedback.

2. EDI Outsourcing

EDI implementations usually take a lot of time, money and resources. EDI Outsourcing helps you save a lot of costs. And it guarantees that the EDI connection will always be up and running, which safeguards any changes.

3. Trading Partner Network

Hundreds of trading partners are already connected to the Trading Partner Network. Onetrail offers you the opportunity to use this network as well, and connects your format to Onetrail’s format, so you can get started right away.

Coolblue case:

Because Coolblue offers so many products, automated maintenance is a must. With Master Data Management, Onetrail provides daily updates from all of Coolblue’s suppliers. The quality of these updates is measured and translated into KPIs.

  • Case Coolblue

    Connecting all suppliers?
    We handle it for Coolblue.