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All your customers connected to you

As a supplier, you want your information to reach your customer in the right way. In addition, the handling of orders and invoicing should take as little time as possible. With Onetrail’s support services you can connect as many customers as possible to your systems. View all our services below.

One solution for all your customers

Onetrail creates a full EDI interface between you and your customers. And we do not stop there. We also translate PDF orders to your EDI format, set up online portals for your customers that are not EDI-ready and enrich or verify your data. These are our solutions for suppliers:

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1. Trading Partner Network: a direct connection

For every supplier who joins this network we create a translation for every electronic message between the supplier’s format and the one from the Onetrail network. This means that as a new supplier you are directly connected to all existing members of the network. The only thing you need is a commercial agreement between both parties. Next, you can immediately start delivering product data and receiving EDI orders.

2. Product Data Service: standardisation of datasets

Information about orders should not just have to be real-time available to you, but also to your customers. That is why you need 24/7 insight in the data that are available in your supplier’s environment. From insight in delivery times, order updates, packing slips with serial numbers to the invoicing process. We can organise all of it with the data that are available at your suppliers.

3. Anyform Service: convert to any order format

In an ideal world everything works perfectly. Your customers place an order through your e-commerce facility or via electronic order, which is processed via a direct order interface. And all this without human intervention. However, in real life customers order via e-mail, PDF or other channels. And this will not change in the near future. Onetrail’s Anyform Service enables you to receive orders from your customers electronically, independent of the format in which they are offered.

The Anyform Service converts all incoming messages in almost any format into an electronic message that can be processed automatically in your system. During conversion and processing, you are able to follow or trace back all steps.