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All customer ideas in a brand-new online environment

In December 2020, our co-creation initiative that we launched in February of this year entered its next phase. We introduced a new online environment where customers can submit their ideas and suggestions in a structured way.

From now on, the User Voice page can be used to come up with any idea you can think of. Onetrail collects all ideas and evaluates their potential. The progress and current status of ideas can be followed on the Idea valuation tracking page and the Idea development tracking page. In addition, the Product News page provides the latest information on ideas that are fully implemented and commercially available.

BTO module ready for implementation
The new environment is a follow-up to the customer panel that started this spring to automate the built-to-order process (BTO). The BTO module we built is now ready for implementation at customer sites. The panel participants were enthusiastic, and the panel met a clear need, as also became clear from the responses of the participants.

Battle great success
We wanted to expand this customer involvement. That is why the Onetrail Trading Partner Network Battle was created last summer. Customers could submit ideas about new features, an adjustment, or a completely new service via the website.

This happened on a large scale: the battle yielded no less than 27 ideas, which Onetrail then reduced to a top ten of the most useful suggestions in a webinar with the participants. This list, with ideas in areas such as inbound goods planning and the automation of RMA requests, led to a top three that is now being followed up in the form of special projects.

The following special projects are on the agenda right now:

The fact that the top three are now being further worked on does not mean that the remaining suggestions are not valuable and will disappear into a drawer. These remain on the list and will be worked on in a different form.

Maximum cooperation in 2021

With the introduction of the online environment, we are going one step further in co-creating with our customers. Everyone is enthusiastic and we aim for maximum cooperation in the new year!

Ready to participate? Welcome! Visit the User Voice page for more information and share your ideas or sign up for a special project!