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Leave some time to do business

Do you spend a lot of time on collecting standardised product data? Files that are incomplete and show significant differences, but still need to be updated in real-time? Not to worry, that is why we have developed the Master Data Management Services. Read more below.

Your challenge: loss of time

Onetrail creates a full EDI interface between you and your customers. And we do not stop there. We also translate PDF orders to your EDI format, set up online portals for your customers that are not EDI-ready and enrich or verify your data. These are our solutions for suppliers:

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Sound familiar? And would you like to do something about that, because you would rather spend your time on other, more important matters? Like improving your services, providing a more accessible online environment and unique information delivery? We understand. That is why a customer chooses you, after all. And more importantly, why he or she keeps coming back.

Our solution: Master Data Management

To make sure you no longer have to spend large amounts of time on collecting and managing standard data like product codes, prices, stocks, brand names, etc., we have developed Master Data Management services.

With Data Management, buyers save a lot of time and money. And it is all thanks to an optimal use of datasets throughout the entire process. We will describe four important steps.

1. Vendor Management

Are your suppliers still delivering different datasets in different ways? Approaching all these suppliers in order to keep receiving the right information and making sure the different formats meet your requirements, is no easy task. You can outsource this task with Onetrail’s Vendor Management. Moreover, we can also handle the connection of (new) suppliers.

2. Master Data & Category Management

If all of the suppliers are in, their data then need to be entered into the system the right way. Via Master Data & Category Management, products are deduplicated, categorised and provided with the right descriptions, Manufacturer Part Numbers, EANs & GTINs. Advanced, intelligent ‘rules’ automatically process millions of products, prices, stocks, etc. Outdated products will expire. For 70 percent of all new products, Onetrail directly and automatically assigns all the right data. Other products are processed on a daily basis, so all data are available at any time.

3. Inventory & Warehouse Management

With a good, automated purchase policy, you purchase products against the best prices and in optimal circumstances. And every anomaly is detected and reported. You can run ‘business rules’ to further improve processes and the warehouse can be automated as well. In short, Inventory & Warehouse Management saves a lot of money.

4. Vendor Rating

As a buyer you depend on your suppliers’ data. That is why it is important to have insight in their performance. Via Vendor Rating, you will receive reports and dashboards to measure you suppliers’ performance.

Canon case

Onetrail has been optimising Canon’s digitisation process for ten years. The company quickly realised it was not practical or desirable to build and manage all of its EDI requirements on its own. Via the Onetrail partnership, Canon offers all of its relations a solution to do business via EDI.